8 Tips for Forest Wedding Theme

Tips for having a beautiful forest themed wedding

Indulging my passion for the forest, I admit, I might be a bit of a forest addict. From its serene ambiance to the captivating wildlife, I find solace amidst the trees. As a wedding photographer with a deep love for the enchanting allure of the forest, who better to guide you through the intricacies of planning your very own woodland-themed celebration? Join me as we embark on this journey to create an ethereal and enchanting forest wedding – where love and nature entwine seamlessly. Let’s delve into the magical world of planning your dream enchanted forest wedding!

A forest wedding promises an immersive and magical experience, surrounded by the beauty of nature. If you’re envisioning a fairytale-like celebration amidst the trees, here are eight juicy tips to help you plan the forest wedding of your dreams.

1. Choosing Your Forest Theme and Venue

Selecting a theme and venue is a thrilling aspect of wedding planning. A forest wedding suits any season, from winter wonderlands to blooming spring landscapes. Consider the decor of your chosen venue and imagine how forest-themed elements would complement it. Whether it’s literally in a forest or indoors, a forest wedding theme is versatile and timeless. There are several different kinds of forests, tropical and temperate rainforests, pine forests or you even might live somewhere there’s a cactus forest.

Pro Tip: Embrace Nature in your Decor

Work with the natural beauty of the forest, keeping decor minimal for an intimate ceremony, or enhance the surroundings with fairy lights and thoughtful touches for a more traditional setup.

Let the forest be your guide when it comes to decor. Incorporate elements inspired by the woodland charm you adore—think owls, deer, or foxes. Consider these enchanting decor ideas:

  • Cute Critter Cake Toppers: Crown your wedding cake with figurines of woodland creatures for a sweet, whimsical touch. Extend this motif to invitations, napkins, and centerpieces.

  • Greenery Galore: Adorn tables and the altar with berry, floral, or greenery garlands. Extend this theme to invitations, integrating details like leaves and pine cones for an earthy ambiance.

  • Woodland Plants: Bring the forest inside with mushrooms, moss, and ferns. Use them for centerpieces, place settings, and as details on invitations, favor bags, and place cards.

  • Natural Wood Elements: Infuse the rustic charm of tree bark, logs, and stumps into your decor, creating beautiful centerpieces and appetizer displays.


2. Bridal Looks for a Forest Wedding

Your attire sets the tone for the forest ambiance. For an enchanted feel, opt for a gown with flowing skirts and intricate embroidery, making you feel like the queen of the forest. Alternatively, embrace a boho look with lace gowns, hats, and earthy bouquets, harmonizing perfectly with rustic elements.

Pro Tip:

Choose bridesmaid dresses that reflect the vibe you’re going for. Soft sage greens with flower crowns or flowy styles in earth tones add a magical touch.

Two ideas are… 

  1. Enchanted Princess: Choose a gown with a flowing skirt and intricate embroidery, making you feel like the queen of the forest. Pair it with fairy lights and whimsical decor.

  2. Boho Chic: Opt for an incredible lace gown for a bohemian look that blends seamlessly with the forest. Accessorize with a hat and an earthy bouquet for a rustic touch.


forest wedding dress

3. Enchanted Forest Ceremony

While hosting the ceremony directly in the woods might be challenging, decorating your reception venue can create the illusion of a forest wonderland. Set tables with tree-themed elements, such as running leaves, and adapt the color scheme to the season—dark and moody for autumn or winter, and light and breezy for spring or summer.

Pro Tip:

  • Minimalistic Charm

For an intimate ceremony, embrace the minimalistic charm of the forest. Let nature be the focal point, creating an atmosphere of pure enchantment.

  • Enchanted Aisle

Enhance the natural beauty of the forest by creating an aisle with colorful greenery and fairy lights. Utilize the textures of tree bark and vibrant elements for a magical setting.

forest wedding ceremony

4. Woodsy Wedding Reception

While hosting the ceremony directly in the woods might be challenging, decorating your reception venue can create the illusion of a forest wonderland. Set tables with tree-themed elements, such as running leaves, and adapt the color scheme to the season—dark and moody for autumn or winter, and light and breezy for spring or summer.

Pro Tip:

For an intimate reception, consider a forest clearing or a remote backyard setting, providing a cozy and close-knit atmosphere. 

Two possible ideas… 

  1. Intimate Forest Clearing: Set up an intimate forest clearing for a small group, creating a cozy atmosphere amid the trees. (I name my favorite forest wedding venues on Vancouver Island in this blog post.)

  2. Greenhouse Venue: Opt for a greenhouse venue with ample seating, providing an outdoor feel without compromising on comfort.

5. Enchanted Forest Table Settings

Transform your reception tables with tree-themed settings. In winter or autumn, opt for running leaves down the table with black and white candles for a moody effect. In spring or summer, lighten the atmosphere with lighter greenery and clear accessories, creating a refreshing and earthy ambiance.

Pro Tip:

Enhance the table setting with personalized details like tree stump platters, contributing to the forest theme in every aspect, including the culinary delights.

Depending on your season…

  1. Autumnal Elegance: Use running leaves down the table for a winter or autumn wedding, paired with black and white candles for a moody, witchy touch.

  2. Summer Breeze: Lighten up the same style with lighter greenery and clear accessories for a spring or summer wedding, evoking a breezy summer stroll in the woods.

6. Forest Florals

Incorporate the forest into your bouquet by using dark and moody colors along with natural greenery. Long vines add a unique touch, creating a distinctive look for your walk down the aisle. Consider using dried flowers for a trendy and neutral palette that complements the forest’s vibrant greens.

Pro Tip:

Extend the forest theme to your bridesmaids’ bouquets, ensuring a cohesive and magical look for the entire bridal party. Ferns and moss add a wonderful touch. Consider blue or orange as a harmonious color to green.

7. Forest Dancefloor Ideas

Craft a unique dance floor using boho rugs or a professional dance floor, bringing a modern flair to your forest wedding. Consider the size of your open space and the number of guests to create a dance floor that is both classy and whimsical.

Pro Tip:

Combine modern and natural elements for an Alice in Wonderland vibe, contributing to the fairytale atmosphere of your special day. Consider the temperature at night in your area before deciding if an outdoor dancefloor in the forest is a good option for your wedding. 

8. Forest Wedding Illumination

Illuminate your forest wedding with enchanting fairy lights. Instead of traditional string lights, drape lights vertically off tree branches for a mystical and beautiful effect. Candles can be considered, but a safer alternative is battery-powered candles. The last thing you’d want on your wedding day is a forest fire! Nowadays there are plenty of options for realistic-looking candles that even flicker like real ones!

Pro Tip:

Experiment with different lighting arrangements to create a dreamy and otherworldly atmosphere that complements the natural surroundings.

  1. Vertical Draped Lights: Drape fairy lights vertically off a tree branch for a mystical and beautiful atmosphere, creating a dreamy setting.

  2. Fairy Lights in Bottles: Place fairy lights in glass bottles to bring a forest vibe without actual trees, merging the mundane with the fairy tale.


Last, but definitely not least… Make it Your Own!

Your forest wedding is a canvas waiting for your artistic strokes. Embrace the opportunity to make it uniquely yours! Incorporate personal elements that reflect your journey as a couple. Whether it’s a shared love story carved into tree-themed invitations, a favorite woodland creature as your cake topper, or weaving your tale into the vows amidst the rustling leaves, let your personalities shine. 

Pro Tip:

Consider crafting DIY decor that holds sentimental value or infuse your favorite colors into the floral arrangements. Your enchanted forest celebration should be a reflection of your love and individuality, creating an unforgettable experience for both you and your guests. After all, it’s your day—make it authentically and beautifully yours!

  • Forest Theme Favours: Leave a lasting impression on your guests with whimsical wedding favors. Consider gifting them saplings to grow their own forest or opt for jars of homemade jam, providing a delightful reminder of your magical celebration.


Planning a forest wedding involves infusing natural elements, fairy-tale details, and personalized touches. With these tips, your forest wedding is bound to be a magical celebration, creating memories as enduring as the ancient trees that surround you. Embrace the enchantment, and let your forest wedding unfold as a captivating journey into love and nature.

Are you planning a forest theme wedding on Vancouver Island? Let me be your guide and help you plan your amazing day! I have lots of tips and tricks for you from being a wedding photographer for 15 years! (Oh, and I’m available for hire as your Vancouver Island wedding photographer too, incase you hadn’t noticed 😉

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