Children’s Fine Art Photography – Catching Fireflies

A magical fine art photo session in the forest

Children’s photo session: catching fireflies!  I love how kids are so inquisitive and love finding the tiniest creatures on earth. 

I’ve always been fascinated by fireflies since I was a kid.  I’d never actually seen them growing up, but I knew about them and I had my own little “glow worm” toy as a child. 

For a while now, I envisioned a photo session with kids searching for fireflies in the woods! This session took a few tries, as it’s tricky to shoot moving subjects in low light. But it was worth persevering for!

The kids had a good time trying to catch little insects! This is a Children’s “Fine Art & Fantasy” session because they were actually catching flying ants and other flying bugs, not fireflies (since they don’t live in this area!) The “fireflies” were illuminated afterward with the help of Photoshop!

Once the kids started acting silly and making faces, I knew it was time to call it a night and take them out for ice cream, as promised!

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Do I still do these kinds of fantasy sessions?

The arrival of AI images and the increasing accessibility of photo manipulation tools have shifted the landscape of photography, leading me to reassess my approach to fantasy photo shoots. While I once reveled in the creative freedom and whimsical storytelling of fantasy photography, the proliferation of digitally altered images has diluted the novelty and significance of the genre. With the ease at which anyone can manipulate photos without specialized skills, the authenticity and craftsmanship that defined fantasy photography have become overshadowed by mass-produced, algorithm-generated imagery. As a result, I find myself drawn towards more authentic and tangible forms of expression, prioritizing genuine moments and connections captured through the lens over elaborate digital compositions. While the allure of fantasy photography still lingers, I am guided by a desire to preserve the integrity and artistry of the craft amidst a sea of artificial imagery, choosing quality over quantity in an increasingly digital world.

The photos you see above are exactly that – photos. They were not created with any sort of AI app. The magical essence was created by hand with a digital pen on a tablet. I painted in the light on the fireflies and added a touch of light and shadows in an artistic way, but they are real moments captured forever.

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