Portage Park – Photo Location

Outdoor Family Photo Location

One of my favourite places for family sessions is Portage park in the morning. I love this little-known park because it’s rarely crowded (often the beach is empty)! It’s not as big as the more famous Beacon Hill Park, but has extensive trails through wooded areas and a very West Coast natural feel. The scenery makes a fabulous backdrop for photos.

If it’s low tide, there are a lot of little things to explore on the beach, like crabs and shells! Great for little kids. Unfortunately, if it’s high tide, there will be almost no beach area so be sure to check the tide before you go!

This is a lovely place in both summer and fall.

There is also a playground with a swing set if you want to let your kids play while you relax on the benches!


Pros: Usually not busy so you won’t have tons of people in the background of your photos.
Cons: If the tide is in, there is very little beach area.

If you’re interested in an outdoor family photo session here, let me know!

Portage Park in View Royal, BC, is a hidden gem nestled within the picturesque landscapes of Vancouver Island. This charming park offers a serene retreat for visitors seeking tranquility and natural beauty. Situated along the scenic West Coast, Portage Park boasts stunning waterfront views, making it an ideal spot for leisurely strolls and picnics by the water’s edge. The park features lush greenery, towering trees, and well-maintained trails, inviting outdoor enthusiasts to explore its scenic pathways and enjoy a refreshing escape into nature. With its peaceful ambiance and abundant wildlife, including birds and marine creatures, Portage Park provides a serene sanctuary where visitors can unwind, reconnect with nature, and bask in the beauty of British Columbia’s stunning landscapes. If you want to visit a park that is usually not full with tourists, this is the spot.

Thank you for reading! I am a photographer in Victoria, BC. I’d be happy to help you plan your next photo session on Vancouver Island!

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