Three Reasons You Need To Print your Photos!

Today nearly everyone has a smart phone on them at all times. Millions photos get taken every day…. Yet, hardly any are being printed compared to just 10 years ago.

So what, you ask?

Reason #1: So they don’t get lost to the latest digital technology…

Fast forward 50 or 100 years when our hard drives, USB sticks, and computers have all changed. People wont be able to look back at history like we can now…. Consider this: How many photos do you have from 5 years ago still on your phone? What about on your computer?

We don’t have VHS anymore, hardly ever use floppies, if at all, and CDs are disappearing. Now we have usb sticks, but that will probably change soon too. Computers will read some other type of media in the future, won’t they?

If we aren’t careful, there won’t be any photos for historians to look back at because most will not have been kept updated on the latest digital technology…

Reason #2:  So your kids and grandkids can see who you were.

Most of us cherish old family photos from the 1900s (at least in my family we do), but what will happen in 2050? Or even 2025? Will you have any from today to show them?

You think your photos aren’t that good/that important… so it doesn’t really matter. Let me ask you this: Were the photos that good that people took 100 years ago? Not really. We still love to look at them, right? We still like to see what people were wearing, what kinds of things they had and who our ancestors were.

Let’s just make it simple for our loved ones and print our important photos now, before it’s too late or we lose them!

Reason #3: So you can enjoy them!

Printed photos hanging on your walls or in an album are looked at more often and enjoyed compared to than those buried away in folders on your computer.

Plus, what if your hard drive crashes? It does happen and people lose photos every day. If you have your favourite ones printed, they won’t be lost forever.

Thanks for listening to my rant about printing!

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