Fall Family Minis & Halloween Photo Sessions

Fall Family minis are quick 15 minute sessions for families wanting just a few images and not needing a full family session.

They are great for families who know their kiddos won’t last a full hour, and for couples without kids (or “grown up” kids who know how to smile on command. 😉

These sessions are offered only once per year, back-to-back, so make sure and arrive on time (or a bit early) so you don’t miss any of your session time.

Mini sessions are fast paced, so if you think you’ll need more time for cooperation from your child(ren), please book a double session or consider a full 1 hour session. Here is the link to my regular family photo sessions.

I LOVE Halloween!! It is honestly my favourite holiday of the year! And, I absolutely love creating magical Hallowe’en photos! They’re so much fun for the whole family, not just the kids. In fact, my witches session is great fun for a group of girlfriends or a mother and daughters!

Come wearing all black and accessorize with our witches hats and scarves. If you have your own witch or wizard costume, you can of course wear that instead!

(The fire is NOT REAL. It is added with Photoshop.)

Two packages to choose from:

Thank you for booking. Fall minis are sold out until Oct 2024.

The story behind my Halloween Photo Sessions

The very first fantasy image I ever did was of my son as a wizard on Halloween. He was in to Harry Potter at the time and wanted to have a lightening bolt coming out of his magic wand!

I happened to have a new portable light to experiment with, and so we went into the backyard and took some photos at dusk!

They turned out really well so I added a lightening bolt in Photoshop to his favourite one. The photo was a hit with all his friends and family! My other son wanted a magical photo too, so I did one for him next.

I had so much fun with these photos that I made a huge paper mâché cauldron. It end up taking way longer than I thought and costing an arm and a leg in supplies at Michaels! But once I had it, I wanted to share it with other kids who might love these magical photos! 

And the rest, as they say, is history!

Here is a photo of me and my boys, and their pet rats! Don’t worry, no animals were harmed in the making of this photo!  😉