Escape the Overwhelm

If you've ever dived into the vast ocean of online courses and ebooks, you understand the abundance of knowledge available at your fingertips. Yet, the challenge lies not in the scarcity of information but in navigating the overwhelming sea of choices, deciding what truly matters, and most importantly, taking actionable steps. In-person workshops offer a unique solution by providing an interactive, real-time learning experience. Concepts have time to settle in, and the learning journey becomes a personalized, effective adventure.


Naomi is an award-winning fine art photographer, wilderness enthusiast, and educator. Her work has been described as ethereal and magical. She uses a hint of minimalism with uncluttered compositions and soft color palettes. Her mission is to inspire others to protect and reconnect with nature by sharing beautiful photographs of our amazing planet.

The Experience

Welcome to a unique experience! You'll be invited to our 400 acre property surrounded by nature. Imagine breathtaking views of the ocean, twisty forest trails and a peaceful stream flowing gently over mossy rocks. It's the ideal location to reconnect with nature and nourish your soul. You'll leave with newfound skills to harness your vision though photography as well as feeling rejuvenated as if you'd been to a spa retreat, only better!

Click & Unwind

Embark on a transformative journey through my photography workshops, where the lens becomes a tool not just for capturing images but for unleashing your potential. Beyond the technical skills, you'll discover a profound connection with nature, experiencing a sense of peace and tranquility. Through shared experiences and collaborative learning, attendees forge new connections, engage in meaningful conversations, and cultivate lasting friendships. In this immersive space, the art of photography becomes a pathway to personal growth, fostering joy, self-discovery, and a richer appreciation for the beauty that surrounds us.

West Coast Wilderness (a teaser of where you'll be...)

(Photos taken on our private acreage on Southern Vancouver Island. Beach photos near French beach.)

Request information

New exciting workshops are on the horizon, blending the art of photography with the serenity of nature and wellness.

Let us know your preferences, so we can tailor our upcoming workshops to your interests. 

WHEN: April/May 2024 dates to be confirmed

WHERE: Private acreage, Southern Vancouver Island (approx 1 hour from Victoria, BC)

We will keep you informed when registration opens and more details become available.

Join us on this inspiring journey of creativity and self-discovery. Your next adventure awaits!


Links you might like: My main job over the last decade has been as a Vancouver Island Wedding Photographer. As a passion, I’ve also created a Fine Art Photography website that might interest you. I hope to inspire you to become the best photographer I know you can be! If you’d like to contact me about any other type of photo session, please reach out. I always love to get emails from people who are passionate about learning photography!