Fine Art Children's Photography

What kind of session can I do?

Some of my favourite fine art sessions are “Catching Fireflies” in the forest, family silhouettes and working with animals.

To see samples of these sessions, scroll down to my portfolio! If you have an idea for a special kind of photo session, I’d love to hear it!

What are Fine Art Sessions?

Fine Art sessions take much more planning than traditional family sessions.

The goal here is to tell a story beyond just the traditional family story of togetherness. We will usually incorporate props or the surroundings in a very purposeful way. For example, we may envision a story and consider the outfits that would compliment it, as well as what props we may need to tell the story.  

Then, every single Fine Art image is carefully edited to the highest standards. 

Most of my clients start out with the simple desire to preserve the legacy of their family for the future. From there, we strive to incorporate their personality and imagination into a one-of-kind masterpiece. The end result is beautiful artwork you’ll want to display proudly in your home for years to come.

These sessions aren’t just for children. The adults can join in if they wish as well!

Booking Information

As I know you’d expect from me, you’re guaranteed to get first-class service. Every tiny detail of your session will be treated with the utmost care. You and your children will remember the session as a wonderful experience!

Initial Investment: $375

Behind the scenes of Children's Session