Fine Art Portraits

Imagination & Fairy Tales!

When life is stressful and demanding, why not take a little break and dream up a fairy tale?

Who would you be if anything were possible?

You might have had an idea in your mind for a while, but no idea how to make it happen. Or maybe you didn’t even know about the possibilty of a fantasy photoshoot like this? Whatever the reason, let me help bring your story to life.

What are Fine Art Portraits?

Imagine a blend of photography and digital art, where creativity knows no bounds. Each piece is meticulously crafted, brimming with imagination, carefully planned, and edited to absolute perfection.

Unlike my documentary style for capturing weddings and families, Fine Art photos have a unique tale to tell. And no, they aren’t generated by AI – I’ve been weaving these visual wonders long before the AI era!

Most of my clients start out with the simple desire to preserve the legacy of their family for the future. From there, we strive to incorporate their personality and imagination into a one-of-kind masterpiece. The end result is beautiful artwork you’ll want to display proudly in your home for years to come.

Rest assured, when you choose me, top-notch service is a given. Every minute detail of your session receives the utmost care. Your session won’t just be a photo shoot; it’ll be a cherished experience for you and your little ones!

And here’s a little secret – Fine Art sessions aren’t just for kids. They’re for anyone looking to inject a bit of fun and magic into their lives! Join the journey to capture moments that are as delightful as they are timeless.

Behind the scenes of a Children's Fine Art Session

Before & AFTER

Every single Fine Art image is carefully edited to the highest standards.

Depending on the complexity of the idea, I might spend upwards of 6 or 7 hours editing a single image! Watch me edit an image in hyper speed!

Fine Art sessions are custom quoted based on the complexity of the idea and artwork involved. 

Print and Enjoy your Artwork for Years to Come!

Lots of beautiful wall art options available. Contact me for details.