Victoria Family Photography

Because they're only little once...

If you’re looking for a Victoria family photographer, you’ve come to the right place. With an outdoor family photo session, you’ll get a relaxed session outside at your choice of 3 beautiful parks and beaches.

These sessions are quite different from traditional posed portraits. We take our time and let your kids play and interact with you while I capture candid photos.

I never ask you to maintain a specific pose for more than a few seconds – though we will get one “must have” posed photo for the wall! I’ll help you sit together in a comfortable manner and then you can just be yourselves and leave the rest up to me.

Being outside in the fresh air means your kids will get to explore nature and simply enjoy the outdoors (and maybe get a little dirty!) You’ll get to relive these precious moments later through the power of beautiful photographs.

Natural Outdoor Sessions

packages starting at $ 350
  • Relaxed family session with candid, natural style shots
  • Natural edits, no Photoshop
  • Classic family poses and authentic moments
  • Best for documenting this stage in your family's life!

Fine Art Sessions

starting at $ 450
  • Artistic family session with wow-factor styled images
  • Planning consult, props and help with posing
  • Images will be edited to the highest standards with our signature style and fine art approach
  • Best for creating a memorable experience and photos you'll want to frame & show everyone!

Proudly named Victoria's best family photographer!

Family Session Inquiry

Who are these photo sessions for? 

Hey there, new mom! Are you ready to capture the magic of motherhood and childhood in a fun-filled outdoor adventure before time slips through your fingers? Picture this: giggles echoing through lush greenery, tiny feet dancing in the sunlight, and heartfelt moments frozen in time against the backdrop of nature’s beauty.

With our outdoor photo sessions, we don’t just capture smiles; we capture stories. Imagine your little ones running freely, exploring the world around them, while we snap away, preserving every precious moment of joy and discovery. Because let’s face it, they’re growing up faster than you can blink! Soon, those tiny hands will be holding diplomas, and those sweet giggles will echo through empty hallways.

Step outside with us, and let’s turn your family moments into works of art. We’ll capture the essence of your family’s unique bond in every frame. Plus, who says photoshoots can’t be a blast? Prepare for a session filled with laughter, love, and lots of unforgettable memories!

So, are you ready to embark on this journey with us before your little ones are BIG kids? (I have a teen and let me tell you, I can no longer bribe him with ice cream for a nice family photo! Do it while they’re little!)  Let’s create timeless treasures that will make your heart sing every time you glance at them. Book your outdoor photo session today, and let the adventure begin!