Couples' Photography

Let's turn your story into artwork

Victoria, BC, is a haven for nature enthusiasts, and I am proud to call this stunning city home.

The diverse landscapes, from sun-kissed beaches to moss-covered forests, provide the perfect backdrop for couples seeking a touch of the West Coast in their photos.

Your photoshoot experience is not just about capturing images but creating memories in sync with the beauty that surrounds us.

Photography for Adventurous & Outdoorsy Couples in Victoria, BC

Let’s chat about couples’ photography in beautiful Victoria, BC. I’m all about capturing love stories, and I specialize in wedding and portrait photography. From engagements to surprise proposals, I’m here to freeze those special moments for you.

Choosing Nature Over Crowded Cityscapes:
I steer clear of the city hustle. Instead, I guide couples to the outdoors, where the sounds of leaves, waves, and soft sunlight create a relaxed vibe. It’s the kind of atmosphere that lets you be yourselves, resulting in photos that feel real and timeless.

Simple, Thoughtful Planning:
When you pick me as your photographer, thoughtful planning becomes an integral part of your experience. From selecting the ideal location to considering the best time for the session, I collaborate with you to ensure the photos reflect their unique story. Details matter, and I take into account factors like tides and sunset times to ensure a session that aligns with your vision.

Capturing Your Love:
For me, the real magic is in capturing the love you share. Each photo is a story of your laughter, dreams, and those quiet moments that make your relationship special. It’s an honor to freeze these moments, creating a visual story that you can cherish for years.


Victoria, BC, offers the ideal backdrop for your love story. I’m here to make your couples’ photography experience easy, natural, and filled with genuine moments. From engagements to surprise proposals, let’s tell your tale against the beauty of Victoria’s outdoors.

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