Common album sizes are 8×8, 8.5×11, 9.5×9.5 and 12×12. Cover options vary from linen to vinyl (leather look-a-like), and leather with a clear cover that you can see the image through. The paper choices are professional quality lustre or metallic. Both look stunning! You choose your design theme, and photos, and we’ll take it from there.

Custom Wedding Books from Italy

We sometimes forget that we can get our photos off of our screens and into “real life” with prints. Now I’m making it easier than ever to bring your digital world into your home so you can enjoy it!

With so many options, delivered right to your door (worldwide) there’s no reason not to spice up your home or work space with beautiful and unique artwork.

I work with 3 professional labs that can bring you a huge variety of high-end options, such as:

– Wall Art and Custom Collages
– Archival Wedding Albums
– Eco-friendly options and prints
– Stunning Aluminum Prints
– Stretched Canvas
– Framed Prints

Because we don’t use pre-made templates, you have total creative freedom over layout and options. That means if there’s anything you don’t absolutely love, we can change it!

Set up a meeting with me and I’ll show you the options in person.

Unique Collages Made For Your Space

Below is an 11-piece metallic print cluster I custom-made. It spans over 8 feet long (just over 2.5 meters). These can be made in all sorts of sizes and shapes according to the space you want to fill. Various options are available as printing materials.

Aluminum Prints & Canvas

Adorn your walls with prints!

Stunning prints on aluminum represent a new way of preserving photos by infusing dyes directly into specially coated aluminum sheets. Because the image is infused into the surface and not on it, your images will take on an almost magical luminescence. Colors are vibrant and the luminescence is breathtaking. Detail and resolution are unsurpassed.

You need to see these in person to appreciate their beauty!

While photo papers have fantastic image stability, Xenon Light Stability Testing results show that the image stability of our metal prints are 2 to 4 times the image stability of traditional silver based photo papers.

Available in sizes 5×5 inches to 40×50 inches, with over 20 custom shapes available. Ask me about these gorgeous prints and I can send you more information!


Fine Art Giclée Canvas Gallery Wraps are printed directly onto museum quality canvas material using high quality archival inks.

Available in 3/4, 1½, and 2½ -inch depths. Always laminated to protect the surface of the print and to provide UV Light protection. Choose from Lustre or Glossy Protective Coating.

Available from 5×7 inches to 40×60 inches.

There are too many options to list here, but if you are interested, please ask and I will be happy to send you a link to the current catalog from the lab!

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Common Questions about Sizing:
Why are some of my printed photos cropped?

Sometimes the shape of the paper is not the same shape as the actual photo. For example, a square is always a square even if it’s printed at 4×4 or 8×8. Rectangles have specific shapes too, but it’s not always so obvious to see. (The fancy name for this is “aspect ratio” or in other words it’s width by height.) Rectangles can be short and fat or long and narrow, and anywhere in between! And this means that our photo might need to be cropped depending on the paper shape we are going to print on.

If you don’t want to lose any of your image: Choose any print size that is a 3:2 ratio (the same as the camera). That will keep the whole image intact without any cropping.

Contact me to set up a viewing in the studio of all our artwork options.