1. Where are the headshot sessions done?

Outdoor sessions are done at Portage Park, in View Royal. Studio sessions are done at my studio in Langford, by Costco. If you have a group of people and would like me to come to your workplace or office, let me know the location and we will see what we can work out!

2. How many photos do I get?

You will get your choice of 2 images, lightly retouched and edited as needed. Plus, you will get all the photos in your proof gallery, which is usually about 20, but these will be unedited.

3. Can I purchase more edited photos if I want?

Yes, additional photos (edits) can be purchased for $25 each.

4. Do you have a studio where we can do the photo indoors?

Yes, I have a home-based studio in Langford where we can do the photos if you prefer.

5. What should I wear?

Clothing choice will depend on the look you are going for. If you want a business headshot, choose dressier clothes than for a casual lifestyle portraits. As for colors, I normally tell people to stay away from tones that look like their own skin color – as I’ve seen photos where people tend to look “naked”. Textures (like knitted sweaters) look great, but avoid large patterns/prints and big logos. It might be worthwhile to consider where this photo will end up… is it going on your website which is mostly blue? Then a blue shirt might match well, for example!

6. How long are the sessions?

Studio sessions are about 15 minutes. Outdoor sessions are about 20 minutes because we will need walking time to and from the parking lot where we meet.