Fine Art Sessions vs. Family Sessions.

Fine Art Sessions vs Family Sessions

There are two main differences: The Planning and The Editing.

Fine Art Sessions:

I differentiate Fine Art & Fantasy sessions because they are carefully planned ahead of time and edited to achieve a magical fairy tale look. (In other words, these photos don’t come out of the camera looking this way!)

For example, we will envision a story, and consider the outfits that would compliment it, as well as what props we may need to tell the story.  Then we play out the story during the session. 

The editing of these photos takes anywhere from 30 minutes to 6 hours or more per photo. All the tiny details will be considered and distracting elements removed during editing. 

Sometimes I add a touch of magic (“Fantasy” Session).  This photo flying away with the balloons is an example. (View the behind the scenes of this photo here).

I often bring props to help tell the story.  Photos might be authentic moments, or enhanced and composed from multiple images. Artistic editing creates the final photo to look like a fairy tale.

So, think of Fine Art and Fantasy Sessions as the creation of a specific story or vision.

People often described these photos as “magical” and tell me they look like a fairy tale!

Family Sessions:

A family session is about the connection and love shared by your family. There is no additional planning needed and we generally don’t use any props.

Editing is also subtle; no “magic” is added with Photoshop. Each photo is retouched for color and contrast; nothing is changed with regards to the subject matter.

Family sessions usually include a mix of candid photos and posed photos.

You can see my full Family Gallery portfolio here.


Fine Art & Fantasy Session:

  • Looks like a magical fairytale!
  • Specific ideas are planned ahead of time
  • Can be a fantasy scene (composed) or authentic moments
  • Lots of editing afterward to achieve the look

Family Session:

  • Final photos look true-to-life
  • Photos are spontaneous
  • Authentic moments & some posed group shots
  • Minimal editing afterward

To recap, family sessions are natural and authentic and look true-to-life. They usually include your whole family, not just the kids. Pricing and packages are varied depending on length of the session. 


The landscape of photography has shifted with the emergence of AI images and the widespread availability of photo manipulation tools, prompting me to reevaluate my engagement with fantasy photo shoots. While I previously delighted in the creative storytelling and imaginative exploration of this genre, the prevalence of digitally altered images has diluted its uniqueness and impact. The accessibility of photo manipulation has led to a proliferation of mass-produced, algorithm-generated imagery, overshadowing the authenticity and craftsmanship that once defined fantasy photography.

Consequently, I find myself gravitating towards more authentic and tangible forms of expression, prioritizing genuine moments and connections captured through the lens over elaborate digital compositions. Though the allure of fantasy photography remains, my focus now lies in preserving the integrity and artistry of the craft amidst a landscape saturated with artificial imagery, emphasizing quality over quantity in an increasingly digital era.

I hope that helps clarify Fine Art & Fantasy Sessions from the more classic Family Sessions.

If you have a unique idea that you’d like me to help you realize, please don’t hesitate to get in touch. I also have done some fantasy wedding photoshoots… so bring me your ideas if you are getting married!

Have a great day 🙂

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